Lesbians Are Different

Saye Bennett

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Ever since my partner, spouse, and all-around sweetie-pie, Dirt, wrote a post entitled “Lesbian Children Are Not Girls: How Hetero-Society Ignores Lesbians“, she has received lots of feedback both publicly and privately: positive feedback from Lesbians and argumentative comments from hetsplainers.

One hetsplaining commenter in particular persists in insisting that any differences between the sexes, and/or differences between Lesbians and heterosexual females, is simply a matter of “socialization” and “gender stereotyping”.

While socialization and stereotyping are indeed real, they are not solely responsible for, nor do they sufficiently explain, the differences between Lesbians and heterosexual females that Dirt is writing about.

The other tactic the hetsplainers like to use is the “exception to the rule” argument. They will completely ignore most the information presented and go straight to the argument that they and/or someone they know don’t fit into what Dirt is saying in…

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New Year’s Resolutions

This year:

I will actually post on this blog, instead of just liking or commenting on other people’s posts.

I will eat less fries, but enjoy them more.

I will support and promote other people’s work, and mine too.

I will lift weights.

I will reach out more and isolate myself less.

I will help more animals.

I will speak up more but yell less.

I will fight injustice whenever I see it.

I will be more politically active.

True Lesbian-Only Space: A New Paradigm For A New Year

Saye Bennett

Amidst all the Twitter clamor to reclaim female-only spaces, what often seems to get lost in the shuffle is the need for Lesbian-only spaces.

The main reason, besides general straight privilege and Lesbian invisibility, for this glaring omission relates to what Dirt and I talk about incessantly: The prevalent, but incorrect, assumption that any female can magically become a Lesbian.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Straightbians are typically MUCH more of a threat to Lesbian spaces, lives, and culture than the males who are inspiring all the tweeting.

Of course, the presence of males in dedicated female/Lesbian spaces is indeed problematic also, and I am not minimizing those issues at all. But that is a separate topic which others have covered thoroughly.

However, no Lesbian is ever going to mistake any male for another Lesbian. Lesbians aren’t dating males. Lesbians…

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